QuTech Academy Course: Modelling of Superconducting Devices



15:45 - 17:45 hrs


Instructor: Prof.dr. B.M. Terhal  


 Course Contents

In this course we discuss tools for the theoretical and numerical modeling of superconducting devices with Josephson junctions (circuit-QED). We discuss the theory of electric circuit quantization and black-box quantization which allows one to translate electric circuits into Hamiltonians and their dissipative environment. We review various of the known superconducting qubits, couplers and amplifiers obtained within this description. We use the language and tools of quantum optics to understand essential properties and dynamics of the devices. Some guest lectures will be given.
Study Goals
Ability to model and analyze the dynamics of a superconducting qubit or device.
Ability to read and understand current literature on circuit-QED.
Education Method
Weekly Lecture + Weekly Exercise Session
Literature and Study Materials
Lecture notes, slides, scientific publications and textbook "Quantum Engineering" by A.M. Zagoskin (Cambridge University Press) 
60% Weekly Assignments + 40% Presentations by students
Special Information
This course is aimed at 2nd year MSc students and PhD students working with superconducting qubits.


30 May - 14 June 2023

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12 - 16 June 2023

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20 June 2023

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12 September 2023

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