QuTech Academy course: Quantum Communication and Cryptography



13:45-15:45 (Tuesday) and 08:45-10:45 (Friday)


Delft: on Tuesdays in TMP-Hall H (building 31, room A1.210); on Fridays in Drebbelweg-Instruction Room 3 (building 35, room 1.160)


This class will introduce you to the fascinating field of quantum communication! We will look at the state of the art of quantum networks, and explore techniques for building quantum repeaters that promise to deliver qubits over long distances. We also briefly look at one of the most famous application of quantum cryptography, quantum key distribution.

This year, the focus of this class is on quantum communication, and we will only briefly look at quantum cryptography. As such, this class is not held in flipped classroom style in conjunction with edX QuCryptoX as in previous years. 

Course dates: The course will be given in Delft on Tuesday afternoons (13:45-15:45h) and Friday mornings (08:45-10:45h) over the period of November 15th, 2022, until January 20th, 2023 (with the exception of Dec 26 - Jan 7 for holidays).

Course details

Prof.dr. S.D.C. Wehner. 
Expected prior knowledge
This class requires you to have pre-knowledge from the course "Introduction to Quantum Information and Computing" given in Quarter 1. 
Study Goals
• A good understanding of the fundamental concepts of quantum communication;
• Insight into the differences between classical and quantum communication and cryptography;
• Skill set valuable for other courses belonging to the Applied Mathematics master specialisation "Mathematics for Quantum Technology and Computation", e.g. Applied Quantum Algorithms.
Education Method
Lectures and tutorials.
For PhDs: similar to MSc students.
For MSc students: Homework (70%) and project work (30%).
Contact hours
4 hours per week; 8 weeks
Graduate School Credits
5 GSCs

QuTech Academy
The QuTech Academy is part of QuTech and aims to educate quantum engineers of the future. Participation of Casimir PhDs to their courses is free of charge.

Registration [closed]
You can register for the course by filling in the form below. Please note that the registration deadline is Sunday November 6th. Your place at the course will be confirmed via email.

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