QuTech Academy course - Quantum hardware



Tuesdays 15:45-17:45 hrs, Fridays 13:45-15:45 hrs


Delft, Tuesdays: Building 22, room F005, Fridays: Building 36, Lecture Hall D@ta.


Responsible Instructor
Name E-mail L.M.K. Vandersypen
Name E-mail R. Hanson
Prof.dr. B.M. Terhal
Expected prior knowledge Undergraduate electricity and magnetism; AP3421 Fundamentals of quantum information
Course Contents Quantum hardware is what turns the novel concepts of quantum computation and communication into reality. The key challenge is to control, couple, transmit and read out the fragile stage of quantum systems with great precision, and in a technologically viable way. To meet this challenge, a radically new way of thinking is required about electronics, computers and communication systems. In this class, you will learn to understand and appreciate the key challenges in realising quantum hardware and technology. You will get an overview of the state-of-the-art, learn about the most promising approaches to realising quantum hardware, and critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. You will also get insight in the conceptual similarities and differences between the various technologies.

Specifically, the course will cover general concepts and considerations of qubit hardware, trapped ions, superconducting circuits, quantum dots, impurities, cold atoms, photonic circuits, single-photon sources, single-photon detectors and quantum repeaters.
Study Goals To acquire a good understanding of the requirements of quantum hardware both at the conceptual level and at the practical level.
To acquire conceptual insight in the operation, opportunities, and challenges of various qubit realisations.
To obtain a good overview of the state-of-the-art.
To acquire the ability to critically read and understand research papers on relevant qubit realisations, and be able to place it in the proper context of the field.
Education Method 3 hours weekly lecture, 2x30mins student presentations, 15 min feedback on homework, 15 min quiz, literature study
Course Relations This course forms part of the curriculum on Quantum Technologies offered at TU Delft, which at present consists of
AP3421 Fundamentals of quantum information
CS4090 Quantum communication and cryptography
AP3292 Quantum hardware
EE4575 Electronics for quantum computation
Literature and Study Materials Scientific publications (both review articles and research articles)
Assessment 55% homework assignments, 15% in class quizzes, 30% presentations