QuTech Academy course: Special Topics in Quantum Technology



Wednesday afternoons: 15:45-18:45h


Delft: AS-Classroom 1 (Building 22, room F.205)


The content of this course changes per year and per teacher. The goal of the focus course is to provide MSc students and early PhD students more in-depth knowledge and/or tools on particular quantum hardware as pursued at QuTech.

The 2022/2023 course will be taught by B.M. Terhal and V.V. Dobrovitski, and is named "Quantum Error Correction". We discuss the ideas behind quantum error correction and fault-tolerance such as the threshold theorem, code concatenation, stabiliser and topological codes, fault-tolerant gate constructions, decoding and bosonic codes. There will some hands-on Python exercises of decoding.

Course dates: The course will be given in Delft on Wednesday afternoons (15:45-18:45h) over the period of April 26th until June 7th.

Course details

Prof.dr. B.M Terhal  &  dr. V.V. Dobrovitski
Expected prior knowledge
Fundamentals of Quantum Information or a similar course which covers the basic model of quantum computing (qubits, quantum circuits). Optional: Quantum Hardware I or a course which goes into the physical description of quantum computing.
Study Goals
To get in-depth understanding of properties of qubits of a particular quantum computing platform or methods to achieve quantum computing. For 2022/2023:
• Obtain deep and clear understanding of the notion of quantum error correction and the tools and concept that have been developed.
• Understand how quantum error correction applies to real noise of various sources.
• Understand the idea behind fault-tolerance.
Education Method
Weekly Lecture + Weekly Exercise Session (which includes numerical work).
Literature and Study Materials
Lecture notes and slides.
For PhDs: TBD.
For MSc students: Grades will be established based on weekly assignments (60%) and student presentations (40%).
Contact hours
3 hours per week; 8 weeks
Graduate School Credits
5 GSCs

QuTech Academy
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Registration for this course will open beginning April 2023. Your place at the course will be confirmed via email.

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