QuTech repositioned in TU Delft organisation


The Executive Board of TU Delft has decided that QuTech, with effect from October 1st, 2019, will become an independent organizational entity and management unit within TU Delft. QuTech is the result of a collaboration between TNW, EWI and TNO and it is a milestone that QuTech will now become an independent research institute within the TU Delft. In the field of education and research, QuTech is a highly valued partner for our faculty and we wish QuTech every success.

The change was prompted by the growth of QuTech and the ambition to increase its visibility and operational effectiveness. The alteration was decided upon after discussions on the governance of QuTech between the boards of TNO and TU Delft. The change has no consequences for the legal position of QuTech staff or terms and conditions of employment. All staff with a direct QuTech/TU Delft contract will receive a formal letter confirming this. Also for students doing their BSc or MSc project at QuTech nothing changes. QuTech will continue to be housed in Building 22 of the Faculty of Applied Sciences for the coming years. From January 2020, QuTech will establish its own Personnel Committee for employee participation in consultation with the TU Delft Works Council. If you have any questions, please contact Charlotte van Hees, Director of Operations of QuTech.