QuTech Workshop Quantum-CMOS Integration Technology (QCIT)



TU Delft


This workshop will brainstorm new research avenues and innovations that are aimed at developing scalable qubit and CMOS integration technology for a quantum computer and internet:

1. CMOS compatible qubit fabrication
2. Low-power CMOS-ICs operating at cryogenic temperature
3. Electrical/optical 3D interconnects with thermal management

Committee: Ryoichi Ishihara (QuTech, TU Delft), Edoardo Charbon (QuTech, TU Delft),  Lieven Vandersypen (QuTech, TU Delft)
General chair:
Ryoichi Ishihara
Steering committee: Edoardo Charbon, Lieven Vandersypen
Local committee: Miki Trifunovic, Pengfei Sun

Plenary Speaker: Jim Clarke, Intel corporation

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30 May - 14 June 2023

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