Ronald Hanson receives ERC Consolidator Grant (Qutech.nl)


(By: Qutech.nl) Professor Ronald Hanson receives 1.63 million euro for his ‘QNETWORK’-project. Hanson plans to realize the first multi-node network based on quantum entangled links.

The QNETWORK project, that is now funded by the European Research Council (ERC), connects multiple spin nodes in diamond defects via single-photon links. Professor Hanson: ‘I will study fundamental physics of multi-particle entanglement in these hybrid quantum systems and demonstrate a network based on fully controlled multi-qubit nodes.’

Hansons plans to reach these ambitious goals by building on two recent breakthroughs of his team. They realized entanglement between electron spins separated by more than a kilometer, and controlled a local register of several qubits in a single chip. Hanson: ‘I hope that this project will lead not only to ground-breaking science but also to the basis for a future quantum internet.’