Science Groot funding for Leiden scientists


Four Leiden scientists are the main applicants for projects that have been awarded a Science Groot grant of up to 3 million euros in the Science Domain. In addition, several Leiden scientists are involved in other projects that have been awarded funding.

The Active Matter Physics of Collective Metastasis
During the early stages of metastasis, clusters of tumour cells combat a series of hurdles to dissociate from the primary tumour, navigate complex surrounding tissues, and enter the circulation in order to reach distant organs. In this program, we map this journey by integrating theoretical models with experimental cell biology, biophysics, and tumour biology. We aim to identify the physical/mechanical parameters that regulate the collective behaviour of tumour cells during these first steps of the metastatic cascade and deliver insights for the rational design of new therapeutic intervention strategies.
Main applicant: Erik Danen (LACDR)
Also involved: Thomas Schmidt (LION), Luca Giomi (LION)

Crossing over from the quantum world to the classical world and back
What is a measurement? Quantum mechanics led to a revolution in our understanding of nature and in practical applications. Despite this progress, there remains the question of how the classical world emerges from the underlying quantum physics. This research project aims at providing experimental input to this fundamental question by studying macroscopic quantum superpositions.
Main applicant: Tjerk Oosterkamp (LION)
Also involved: Dirk Bouwmeester (LION)

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