Standing up for Science Workshop



09:30 - 17:00h


Leiden: Lorentz Centre


On Friday October 6th, an upcoming FREE, practical and interactive workshop called 'Standing up for Science' is organized at the Lorentz Center, Leiden. This workshop encourages Early Career Researchers (ECRs) to make their voices heard in public debates about science. ECRs will meet scientists who have engaged with the media, learn from respected science journalists, hear from policymakers on how to inform policy and talk about involving the public in communicating research with public engagement experts.

We have almost 20 years' of experience running these workshops aimed at helping early career researchers (ECRs) build the skills to engage with the public, media and policy makers about their research.

At the workshop, a panel of experienced researchers, journalists and policy makers will be sharing their tips and advice on how ECRs can become involved in the public discussion around science and their own research. We discuss concerns ECRs have about speaking to the public and confront common misconceptions about how the media and policy worlds work. Attendees will leave feeling empowered and excited about sharing their work with the wider public. 

Participation is free and open to all. All we ask is that participants can make their own way to Leiden.

These workshops form part of our international Voice of Young Science programme whose aim is to equip researchers to confidently engage with the public, journalists and policymakers, help them ask useful questions and put research findings and real-world events in context. We believe that doing good research is not enough if it's not shared and discussed with the public and other stakeholders. 

More information, such as a detailed program, can be found on this web-page. Additionally, you can sign up here.