STW Call 'Open your Mind' - submit your out-of-the-box research ideas and win a €50,000.- grant


STW invites scientists to submit out-of-the-box research ideas that contribute to sustainable solutions for global societal challenges (along the line with people, planet, profit).

At the STW annual conference that will be held on November 5th 2015, STW provides a platform to scientists to discuss global challenges through creativity, passion, and their knowledge of technology. To support scientists to realise their ambition in solving and/or contributing to these global challenges, STW has a total budget of 150,000 euro available. Three Open Mind grants, with a maximum of 50,000 euro each and for a period of one year, will be awarded at the STW annual conference 2015 to the best ideas with significant societal impact.

Imagine competing to solve some of the world’s most daunting problems. Imagine using technology to combat disease, improve education, create disaster communication systems, empower people with disabilities, or promote environmental sustainability. Open your mind and submit your research idea to STW before September 15th. Ideas will be pitched at the annual STW conference, competing for one of the Open Mind grants.

Who can apply?
Scientist (PhDs, postdocs and assistant, associate and full professors) employed by Dutch universities or para-academic institutes eligible for STW-funding can submit a proposal (see the attached file for eligibility criteria). Scientists with a temporary appointment should make sure that the host institution guarantees the employment for the duration of the Open Mind project (November 2015 – October 2016). A written agreement signed by the board of the institute should be received by STW no later than September 30th.

Part of the selection procedure is pitching the idea at the STW annual conference and, therefore, applicants should be available and present on November 5th 2015 (Location Nieuwegein) to pitch and discuss their proposal. Funding will be awarded for one year (November 2015 – October 2016). Applicants awarded Open Mind funding are requested to present the obtained results on the STW annual conference in 2016.

The Open Mind funding covers personnel costs for temporary positions (PhD, postdoc and technical assistants; according to STW standard guidelines and conditions), material costs and (international) travel costs. In total, the requested budget may not exceed €50,000. Budget can be requested for a maximum of one year.  

For more information, please consult the STW webpage.