Superconducting Diode Effects workshop



16:00 - 22:00 hrs




In the last few years, experimental breakthroughs in the field of non-reciprocal superconductivity have led to the realization of the superconducting diode effect in both bulk and junction-based systems (i.e. Josephson diodes), both with and without an applied magnetic field to break symmetry. These results raise fundamental questions as to the origins and mechanisms of the different superconducting diode effects as well as open the door to game-changing advancements in superconducting electronics for technological applications. This workshop brings together experimentalists creating and exploring novel superconducting diodes as well as theorists explaining and predicting these effects. Through a series of seminars and discussions, this workshop will compile the status of the field and chart a path for the future.

In addition to participating in this workshop, you can also deliver a satellite talk on closely related research.

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