Two new Casimir Board members: Marie-Eve Aubin-Tam and Tim Taminiau


In December, two new PIs joined the Board of the Casimir Research School: BN PI Marie-Eve Aubin-Tam and QuTech PI Tim Taminiau.

Marie-Eve 's research focuses on the relationship between structure and mechanics in biological molecules and biological materials. You can read more about her work here. Tim aims to realize spin-based quantum networks for quantum computation and for investigating the fundamentals of quantum information. Click here to visit Tim's group page for more information.

The Casimir Board consist of five members, all from different research groups within our two institutes: chairman Eric Eliel (on behalf of the scientific director of LION), Kobus Kobus (on behalf of the Delft BN and QN Department Chairs), Martina Huber (PI at LION), Marie-Eve Aubin-Tam (PI at BN), and Tim Taminiau (PI at QuTech). The Board meets at least twice a year to discuss all the issues related to the Casimir Research School.