Utilizing Microbiology for Nanotechnology and Space Exploration (factsheet by NanoFront PhD student Benjamin Lehner)


Most of the time we associate bacteria with illnesses, but this is just only a part of the story. Throughout history, scientists, brewers, and farmers managed to utilize microbes for a variety of products, such as beer, wine, insulin, medications, and biofuels etc. Therefore, bacteria can also be seen as micro-factories and they can be applied in many different ways. NanoFront PhD student Benjamin Lehner works on the utilization and modification of bacteria, Shewanella oneidensis and Escherichia coli to be precise, to produce and extract materials. Breakthroughs in the production of graphene as well as in the extraction of elements directly from ores can help to establish a more environmentally friendly future for nanotechnology as well as in space exploration. 

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About NanoFront Factsheets
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