VENI subsidy awarded to Vlad Pribiag (QN/QT)


In October, NWO will announce officially who have been awarded the Veni subsidies in 2011. In the meantime, some of the awards have been made known. So far, seven young researchers of the TU Delft have received news of their award. Among them Vlad Pribiag (QN/QT) with his topic: Nanowire Qubits.

Subsidy for 3 years
The Veni subsidy from the Innovational Research Incentives Scheme of NWO is one of the most prestigious subsidies for young researchers. Obtaining a Veni subsidy signifies an important step in a scientific career. The requests are assessed by scientists in the Netherlands and abroad. The Veni researchers are at the beginning of their careers, but have already proven that they possess a special talent for scientific research. The subsidy allows them to continue to further develop their ideas for three years. 

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