VSF Workshop: Quantum Oscillations in Insulators



10.00 hrs




The goal of the workshop is to review recent developments in the experimental observation and theoretical understanding of quantum oscillations in electrical insulators. The workshop will bring together the leading experts in both experiment an theory, including talks about the materials SmB6, YbB12, and WTe2. The existing theoretical proposals will be discussed, as well as next steps for experiment and theory.

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Participation is free, but the number of places is limited, so please register.



The workshop will take place Feb 18 and 19, 2021. All times listed below are US Eastern Standard Time.

Day 1: Thursday, Feb. 18

  • 09:55 Introduction and Welcome
  • 10:00 Suchitra Sebastian (University of Cambridge): Bulk Quantum Oscillations in the Unconventional Bulk Insulator SmB6
  • 10:40 Colin Broholm (Johns Hopkins University): Magnetism in SmB6
  • 11:20 Lu Li (University of Michigan): Quantum Oscillations in Resistivity and Magnetization in Kondo Insulators

Day 2: Friday, Feb. 19

  • 10:00 Sanfeng Wu (Princeton University): Landau quantization and highly mobile carriers in the monolayer WTe2 insulator
  • 10:40 Patrick Lee (MIT): Quantum oscillations of the resistivity in an excitonic insulator
  • 11:00 Panel discussion

  • Meigan Aronson (University of British Columbia)
  • G. Baskaran (IIT Madras and Perimeter Institute)
  • Piers Coleman (Rutgers University)
  • Nigel Cooper (University of Cambridge)
  • Leslie Schoop (Princeton University)
  • T. Senthil (MIT)