WIQD Mentoring Program


We are pleased to open registration for mentors and mentees in the Women in Quantum Development (WIQD) mentoring program. 
WIQD (pronounced "wicked") is a professional network for quantum technology enthusiasts from industry, academia and policy. Our mission is to bring together women in quantum in the Netherlands, and beyond, for support, networking, and community growth.
Young women who want to make a career in quantum technologies often lack contact with female role models. The goal of the WIQD mentoring program is to make connections between different generations of women active in quantum development, including academics, industry professionals, and policy leaders, so they can inspire and learn from each other.
Here’s how you can get involved with WIQD:

  • Register for the mentoring program by November 26, using this form. We are seeking both mentors and mentees. More info here.
  • Register for our virtual mentoring program kick-off event, on Monday November 23 at 2:30pm, featuring a short presentation about the program, and speed networking with your fellow WIQD women. Registration is free but required. 
  • Join our mailing list to keep up with the latest announcements!
  • Join our Slack Channel to view and post announcements, and participate in discussions with other members.