Workshop: Physics With Industry 2014



Lorentz Center Leiden


Foundation FOM and the Technology Foundation STW would like to draw your attention the Physics With Industry 2014. The fifth edition of this successful workshop will be held from 24 - 28 November 2014 at the Lorentz Center in Leiden. During this week a group of about fifty physicists come together to tackle industrial problems. After a thorough presentation of the problems by the companies on Monday, the scientists (mainly senior PhD’s and PostDocs supervised by a senior researcher) devote the entire week to dissecting, modelling, analysing and discussing one problem within their group and with the industrial representative. By Friday each group presents their solution to the companies.
This year the following companies have submitted a case:
Deltares: "Measurement technique to measure 3D flow patterns near a submersible pump without the use of seeding"
DSM: "Optimum textile loop interface for a maximum strength of a light weight synthetic link chain"
Feltest & SensorTag Solutions: "Better data analysis for industrial moisture sensor"
Janssen Precision Engineering:'Development of a linear displacement sensor for cryogenic environment'
Philips: ‘Optical sensor for detection of particles'
More information can be found here.