't Hooft 2019 – From Weak Force to Black Hole Thermodynamics and Beyond



Utrecht university


From 11 - 13 July, Utrecht University will host 't Hooft 2019 – From Weak Force to Black Hole Thermodynamics and Beyond, a conference of leading historians and philosophers of science and eminent theoretical physicists gathered on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of prof. ‘t Hooft’s award of the Nobel prize in Physics to discuss fields of research prof. ‘t Hooft has contributed to and their own related work. 

===> Due to the generous support of our sponsors, Delta ITP and NNV members pay only 50 euros, and the student fee is reduced to 25 euros. Coffees and lunches included in the registration fee. Conference dinner is optional. 



Details including registration, abstracts and schedule can be found here





Confirmed speakers are:



Jeremy Butterfield (Cambridge), Elena Castellani (Florence),

Sebastian De Haro (UvA) Dennis Dieks (Utrecht) Michael Duff (Imperial College) Henrique Gomes (Cambridge) Ted Jacobson (Maryland) Klaas N.P. Landsman (Radboud) Renate Loll (Nijmegen) Malcolm Perry (Cambridge) Juan Maldacena (IAS, Princeton) Tim Maudlin (NYU) Laura Mersini (UNC) Dean Rickles (Sydney) Carlo Rovelli (CPTL) Leonard Susskind (Stanford) Andrew Strominger (Harvard) Jos Uffink (Minnesota) Jeroen van Dongen (UvA) Erik Verlinde (UvA) Christof Wetterich (Heidelberg) 

And a special discussion session with & lecture from prof. Gerard ‘t Hooft (Utrecht)