Casimir Science Days and Spring Schools



Since 2003, we have been organising Casimir Science Days for our community and Casimir Spring Schools for our PhD students and postdocs. The Casimir Science Days took place in Egmond aan Zee (2003, 2005), Eindhoven (2007), Leiden (2009), Delft (2011), and again Leiden (2013). The Casimir Spring Schools with the theme 'Sun, Sailing, and Science' were held in Heeg (2006, 2008), Arnemuiden (2010, 2012, 2014) and again in Heeg (2016, 2018).

During these Casimir events we awarded prizes to the participant with the best poster and -since 2014- also to the one with the best presentation. The winners are enlisted here:

 Year LocationPoster Prize  Presentation Prize
 2003 Egmond

Pablo Jarillo-Herrero
Sami Sapmaz

 2005 EgmondMartin van den Heuvel
 2007 EindhovenGary Steele
 2008 HeegGary Steele
 2010 ArnemuidenHannes Bernien
 2012 ArnemuidenFei Pei
 2014 ArnemuidenThomas Ruytenberg
Corentin Coulais
 2016 Heeg

Floris Kalff

Vera Meester
Koen Schakenraad
 2018 HeegKim VendelMichal Pacholski