Biennial Casimir Symposium "Science Communicated!" 26 May 2011



The biennial Casimir Symposium 'Science Communicated!' took place on May 26th in the Faculty of Architecture in Delft. The speakers were new faculty members from both Delft and Leiden, from Quantum Nanoscience, Bionano and LION. They prepared themselves by doing the course 'The art of presenting Science'.

Christophe Danelon (Bionano), Diego Garlaschelli (LION), Leo DiCarlo (Quantum Nanoscience), Elio Abbondanzieri (Bionano), Vincenzo Vitelli (LION), Liberato Manna (Quantum Nanoscience) spoke during the symposium. Leo Kouwenhoven and Tjerk Oosterkamp were moderators and introduced the speakers in a unique way. The presentations were recorded by collegerama.