BioDay Delft



Mekelzaal, Science Center Delft


This spring, BioDay returns to showcase the biodiversity of Delft. This is a networking and showcasing event with the aim to better integrate the wider the bio-community across the TU Delft campus. 


This year we have joined forces with the Delft BIO-Engineering Institute, and on March 16 2017 the BioDay afternoon will kick off with a keynote lecture by Prof. R. Fouchier from Erasmus MC: Virus discovery and characterization, a century after Beijerinck.


This lecture will be followed by a poster soundbite session, a poster presentation session (including poster prizes), and a borrel with live music.

You can now register until *February 15th, 2017* for the second BioDayDelft, on March 16th 2017 by clicking on this link or the Register now tab on the BioDayDelft website! Registration is required and open to all members of the TU Delft community: Students (BSc, MSc, PhD), postdocs, technical staff members and PIs. You are encouraged to register for a poster presentation (including 2 poster prizes).



13:00 Registration in the Science centre

14:00 Opening words, followed with keynote address by 

Prof. R. Fouchier, Erasmus MC

Virus discovery and characterization, a century after Beijerinck

15:00 Poster sound bites

16:00 Poster session with borrel (NOTE: Posters are expected to be for a broad audience, so keep this in mind!)

Come to share and hear about new and exciting science, socialize with colleagues from all faculties, inspire, be inspired, cross-fertilize and plant the seeds of the next generation of world-leading biology-related research at TU Delft.

For more information, go to the BioDayDelft website

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