Biology for Physicists



April 10 - June 26 from 2:15 pm to 4 pm (wednesday)


Room F070, Applied Physics building, TU Delft campus


Description of the course:

The aim of the course is to introduce you to a selection of basic topics in molecular biology and discuss elated, cutting-edge papers from the literature. The course comprises eleven sessions in which we will cover topics ranging from the molecular mechanisms of a virus attacking a cell to the evolution of complex molecular machines. Each session will involve a leclture given by the instructors followed by a paper presentation and group discussion. Paper presentations will be prepared in turn by the participants with the help of an instructor. We will use a molecular cell biology textbook as a source of relevant background information. For each topic covered, the participants will read, briefly summarize the scientific paper up for discussion and prepare some basic discussion points. in addition, an excursion to a lab will be organized to give you a flavour of the experimental research done at Bionanoscience.

2013 Topics include: Protein synthesis and quality control; Origins of celllar organelles; Membrane channels; Protein function evolution; intercellular particle transport; Single molecule genome analysis; Cytoskeleton organisation; Evolutionary origin of new genes; Virus-cell interactions; optimal gene regulation.

Textbook: Albert B., et al., Essential cell biology, 3rd ed., Garland Science, 2009.

Teachers: Dr. Marie-Eve Aubin-Tam & Dr. Bertus Beaumont

Audience: The course is mainly aimed at PhD students and postdocs with no background in biology. Interested non-physicists are also welcome. Papers for discussions will be provided by the instructors.

Assessment: pass/fail grades will be given on the basis of brief, weekly quizzes on the textbook reading material, participation in group discussion and leading of a paper discussion.

Study points: 5 ETCS

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