Casimir Course Programming study material and useful links



Self study


At home


If you want to use these weeks to acquire or brush up your programming skills, we have some useful links for you:

1) If you need to start with the very basics, have a look at the Scientific Programming syllabus from the University of Amsterdam (with permission from dr. Ivo van Vulpen): (English) or for the Dutch version. Please note that:

a) It's an introductory course, no prior programming experience needed. They use Python as programming language and the emphasis is on solving mathematical and physics problems;

b) the Dutch version is aimed at Physics BSc students and has a discussion forum; and

c) the English version has more diverse assignments.      

2) Our Casimir Course Programming will be in our course schedule again this autumn. In the meantime, please feel free to study the course material, which is available here: Another website worth visiting is created by Casimir alumnus Aquiles Carattino, who writes about Python for the lab.

3) Prof. Helmut Schiessel offers an introduction on his Computational Physics online assignment (click on the link for more info)!