NanoFront-Casimir PhD positions

Update 13-07-2021

The Casimir Board has awarded the five available PhD positions from the NanoFront Casimir PhD position competition to:

Isidora Arayda Day, Amber Mozes, Lucas Stehower, Andreea Stan and Robin Dekker.

No positions available to award after 15 September 2021! 

Check this webpage for an overview of Casimir pre-PhD track alumni whose PhD proposal applications were granted. Unfortunately, due to insufficient funds, there aren't any positions left to award in 2022.



In order to receive the final 8 EC for their master's program, Casimir pre-PhD track students write their own research proposal, which they submit at the Casimir MSc-track coordinator. And, if they want to take part in the PhD position competition, they also submit it to the Casimir coordinator, see below. 

NanoFront-Casimir PhD positions competition 2021 

10-6-2021 ---- INTERVIEW DATES------- 

The interviews for the NanoFront Casimir PhD Positions competition 2021 will take place on 1 and 5 July.


In 2021, due to a generous decision of the NanoFront Steering Committee, we are still able to award five PhD positions (4-year fully funded positions with a limited budget for material costs)Casimir pre-PhD track students are welcome to apply by submitting their research proposal. Please note that the competition is open to all MSc students graduating before September 2021 in (Applied) Physics or another relevant field of studies, who send us a PhD proposal related to the NanoFront research program and who find a supervisor (PI) within our NanoFront program. The exact guidelines for this competition are available via the link below. Via the second link, applicants can download a format for the proposal (a version in Word is available upon request, please contact the Casimir coordinator).

The deadline for submitting the proposal is Friday 25 June 2021. Interviews will take place in the week of 5-9 July 2021. The ultimate starting date of the PhD position is 15 September 2021.