MSc Programs

Leiden University and Delft University of Technology offer advanced, internationally competitive MSc programs in Physics and Applied Physics. The MSc study prepares you for a PhD program, or for a career in industry and many other attractive positions in society. A major part of the program is reserved for a research project in one of the Casimir research groups. This provides a very stimulating environment and an opportunity to set your first steps in performing independent research leading to publications in high-profile journals.

Taking into account the research themes within Casimir and its focus on interdisciplinary physics we distinguish two main routes for MSc students.

Students interested in a MSc as a final degree should look at the regular MSc programs offered by Leiden or Delft (programs 1 and 2 in the below).

Students interested in a MSc preparing for a PhD research-position at Delft or Leiden should look at Program 3, which is offered as a Special Track of the Programs 1 and 2. Please click here if you want to apply for the Casimir Pre-PhD track. The Casimir Pre-PhD track includes three rotations. The second year is concluded with the writing of a research proposal.

The application deadline for the MSc programs is 1 April (programs start in September of the same year). Please note that the deadlines for some scholarships are already in December!

MSc programs

1. MSc in Physics - a program offered by Leiden preparing for a general advanced physics level. Contact:

2. MSc in Applied Physics (engineering physics) - a program offered by Delft aimed at an advanced engineering physics level. Contact:

3. Casimir Pre-PhD track for master students Applied Physics (Delft) and Physics (Leiden). This track focuses on educating students especially for a PhD position at the two institutions or elsewhere and is designed to respond to the increased mobility of students after their BSc. It leads to a particular set of courses and it enables the student to gain research experience in more than one department. Contact: