Casimir Symposium Science Communicated!





Tjerk Oosterkamp & Leo Kouwenhoven will be moderators during the symposium.

11:30 hrs                Lunch & Registration

13:00 hrs                 Opening

13:05 hrs                 Christophe Danelon (Bionano, Delft)

“Assembly of minimal cells”

13:30 hrs                 Diego Garlaschelli (Lion, Leiden)
“Complex Networks: an information-theoretic approach”

13:55 hrs                 Leo DiCarlo (Quantum Nanoscience, Delft)

                    “Quantum limited measurement in superconducting circuits”

14:20 hrs                 Break

15:00 hrs                 Elio Abbondanzieri (Bionano, Delft)

“Molecular Gymnastics: The Dynamic Binding Orientations of HIV Reverse Transcriptase”

15:25 hrs                 Vincenzo Vitelli (Lion, Leiden)

                              “The fate of the sonic vacuum”

15:50 hrs                 Liberato Manna (Quantum Nanoscience, Delft)

                              “Colloidal nanocrystals: synthesis and assembly”

16:15 hrs       Science Centre Delft, Mijnbouwstraat 120

Drinks & Tapas & Time to communicate

Guided Tours in Science Centre ‘sustainability’