Colloquium Ehrenfestii - Dam Son (Chicago): "Emergent relativistic fermion on the half-filled Landau level"



19:30 hrs


Leiden, Main auditorium of the Oort building


Title:  Emergent relativistic fermion on the half-filled Landau level

Abstract: It is known that the composite fermion is a quasiparticle of the quantum Hall effect near half filling. Many years ago, Halperin, Lee and Read constructed a quantum field theory to describe the dynamics of the composite fermion. It has been long known, however, that this theory does not manifest the particle-hole symmetry on the lowest Landau level. I will describe how the particle-hole symmetry took a central role in recent theoretical discussions of the fractional quantum Hall effect; in particular, how a synthesis, motivated by the relativistic physics of graphene and topological insulators, has led to a new understanding of the low-energy quasiparticle of the half-filled Landau level. According to the new picture, the composite fermion behaves as a Dirac particle, similarly to the electron in graphene. Theoretical and experimental consequences of the new proposal are outlined.   

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