Cryocourse Grenoble 18 - 28 September



Cryocourse 2011 will take place in the Grenoble area, from September 18th to 28th.

The European Advanced Cryogenics Course "CRYOCOURSE" has the aim to provide training in the area of low temperature physics and techniques.

The courses are open to PhD students, young post-docs, technicians or engineers interested in cryogenic applications in a wide range of fields (low temperature physics, cryogenic industry, particle detection, large scale facilities, space…).

Several Courses have been organized in recent years : 2002 : Grenoble; 2003 : Helsinki; 2006 : Eindhoven; 2007 : Grenoble; 2008 : Madrid (Cryoconference); 2009 : Helsinki; 2010 : Grenoble (Cryoconference); 2010 : Kosice.

The first part, in a site in the mountains close to Grenoble, will comprise lectures, presentations, and tutorial sessions on refrigeration, thermometry and low temperature physics and their applications. The second part, at the Grenoble low temperature laboratory (Institut Néel - CNRS), will provide “hands-on” experimental training in Low Temperature Physics and Cryogenics.

See for more information, in particular for registration and financial support issues.

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