Electronics for Physicists (Registration closed)



F 104, A251 and TN studio in Delft


Course contents

The course is a must-have for PhD students and post-docs interested in experimental physics. We will study electronics with a strong focus on practical applications. After reviewing the basics of passive and active components and their practical limitations, we will focus on circuit simulation, systematic  troubleshooting and opamp circuits. Signals, noise and interference problems (and solutions!) will also be an important topic. We finish with an overview of microwaves and various measurement techniques, and a day on advanced use of electronic measurement equipment. Several case studies from the physics lab will be used throughout the course to make the theory come alive.
'The course will be given in Delft over 5 full days and requires 5 days of self study.

Teachers: Dr. Val Zwiller and Raymond Schouten (Delft University of Technology)

Audience: The course is mainly intended for PhD students and postdocs (experimentalists as well as theoreticians) associated to the Casimir Research School, motivated master students are welcome.

Dates and venues:

Monday, November 26
9-12  lecture    F104
13-17 lab         TN Studio

Wednesday, November 28
9-12  lecture      A251
13-17 lab          TN Studio

Monday, December 3
9-12  lecture     F104
13-17 lab         TN Studio

Wednesday, December 12
9-12  lecture     A251
13-17 lab          TN Studio

Wednesday, December 19
9-12  lecture     A251
13-17 lab         TN Studio

Organization: 3 ECTS credits will be awarded only to those participants who attend the complete course and perform the lab exercises in the afternoons.