EUniWell Symposium, ‘Good Practices on Student Well-Being’



12:45 - 16:30 hrs




Focus n student well-being 

There is increased awareness of the importance of student well-being and this has become a priority during the pandemic. Well-being was therefore quite rightly the theme of our opening of the academic year.

As part of EUniWell, the European University of Well-Being collaborative project, Leiden University and Semmelweis University are hosting an online symposium to share good practices. Students, support staff and researchers will meet on an online platform to exchange knowledge on the topic of student well-being.


Over two days expert speakers will present their good practices and answer questions in panel discussions. These good practices will include courses, e-health modules, support services, research and much more. You will also have the opportunity to network and connect with people from seven different universities. Let’s come together and join forces to improve student well-being.


Go to the website for more information about the full programme and registration.
It’s perfectly possible to join in for one day, but for the full student well-being experience we highly recommend joining us for both.

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