Farewell Symposium - Sef Heijnen (Delft): 'Design of Bioprocesses: What did we learn, where to go?'



Aula, TU Delft


Sef Heijnen is professor in the field of Biochemical Engineering at the Delft University of Technology since 1988. This year he will retire and on this occasion a farewell symposium will be organised, which will highlight the latest developments in his field of Biochemical Engineering research.

The symposium will take place on Thursday 17 November and Friday morning 18 November 2016. On Friday afternoon 18 November, 15:00h Sef will give his Farewell address as professor (valedictory speech) in the Aula of the TU Delft. The symposium program will cover the following topics:

  • Scale-up / scale-down of bioreactors

  • Selecting microorganisms by bioprocess design

  • Thermodynamics of microbial metabolism

  • Evolutionary engineering of microbial cells

  • Systems biology for designing microbial cells

  • Origins of life