Fysica 2013



Aula congress Centre TU Delft


Fysica 2013: The annual event hosted by the Dutch physical society ‘NNV’.

The organisation of Fysica 2013 lies with TU Delft this year, making it even more interesting for you to attend this event. A topical and attractive programme has been put together featuring, among other guests, the 2012 Nobel Prize winner for physics Serge Haroche.

The year 2012 was an excellent one for physics in the Netherlands. Physics World put three research projects with major contributions from the Netherlands in the top 10 Breakthroughs of the Year, all of which will be highlighted during the programme. Willem Vos will open Fysica 2013 with a presentation on the new technology to look through opaque materials; during the focus session on quantum science, Carlo Beenakker will discuss the detection of the Majorana fermions and, in the course of the evening programme - which is open to the general public - Frank Linde and Stan Bentvelsen will take you along on ‘The hunt for the Higgs particle’.

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