Fysica 2018



All physicists, from student to professor, from teacher to scientist, working in industry or at public service, hbo or university, are warmly invited to attend FYSICA 2018 at Friday April 13th. This conference offers a unique opportunity to meet and network with all sorts of physicists. FYSICA is the annual physics congress of the Netherlands’ Physical Society, this year organized in cooperation with the UU. We are looking forward to welcome you and your colleagues. A splendid program has been composed: 
Nobelprize Laureate Barry Barish gives a lecture on gravitational waves, Minervaprize winner Julia Cramer will talk about ‘communicating physics topics that might seem impossible to explain to laymen’Gabriele Hegerl (University of Edinburgh) will discuss the complex system climate and Physicaprize Laureate Maria Antonietta Loi will present new developments on organic hybrid optoelectronics. 
Three young physicists/astronomers get the chance to give a plenary lecture in the Young Speakers Contest. In the afternoon the audience splits up and chooses for sessions with different physical lines of approach: Biophysics, Complex System Climate, Didactics of Physics, Particles & Cosmos, Quantum physics for technology and Careers in Physics. This last session will be organized by the student union A-Eskwadraat. Following a dinner, the program closes with the evening program, which connects Physics and Music: a Theremin in concert. Several companies and institutes are present at the FYSICA-market. 
At you can take a look at the full program. Since the conference is only three and a half weeks away from now, this is the moment to register!