Gorter Symposium, Gorter lecture by Arno Kentgens



1 PM - 6 PM


Gravensteen, Pieterskerkhof 6, Leiden


Program 3rd Gorter Symposium

The Gorter Symposium will be held in ‘het Gravensteen’, Pieterskerkhof 6, room 0.11 in Leiden and the schedule will be as follows:

13:00 walk in with coffee and tea

13:30 opening and three 25 minute lectures by

  • Anjali Pandit (chemistry)
    Solid-state NMR to understand structure, function and plasticity inside the photosynthetic antenna.
  • Thijs van Osch (Gorter Centre, LUMC)
    Go with the flow: technical development and applications of perfusion MRI.
  • Tjerk Oosterkamp (physics)
    Magnetic resonance, detected by force microscopy; Results and future directions.


14:45 break with time for discussion

15:10 two more 25 minute lectures:

  • Martina Huber (physics)
    Disordered Proteins: New avenues by Eelctron Paramagnetic Resonance.
  • Marcellus Ubbink (chemistry)
    Paramagnetic NMR spectroscopy to understand proteins

16:00 break

16:30 Gorter Lecture by Arno Kentgens, Radboud University Nijmegen

‘ Novel NMR Probe Developments and their application in Functional Materials Research ’

17:30 Borrel



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