Grant for writing a scientific book (in Dutch) - application deadline



Are you thinking about writing a book? The Dutch author rights foundation Lira has a grant specifically for (just) promoted scientists for writing a popular-science Dutch-language book.

The goal of this grant is for scientist to inform a wide audience (in an understandable language) about their research and to share their fascination with science. Last year's grantees include Jacqueline Klooster (about the increased number of popular novels on female characters from the Greek-Roman mythology) and Casper van der Kooi (an illustrated book about plants for children, focusing on how plants have evolved, conquered the earth, and what role they play in our current daily lives).

The grant encompasses €37.500 to which four people can make a claim to, one of whom specifically is early in their career (so: (almost) finished PhD student).

There are a few requirements:

  • Product is a popular science book in Dutch;
  • Grant receiver works at a Dutch university or knowledge institute;
  • Your writing needs to be of a proper (stylistic) level;
  • You'll need a letter of intent from a publishing house;
  • You'll need a letter of recommendation from the university.

Deadline and more information
Deadline to submit your application is June 30th, 2023.
More information can be found on this Lira-page (in Dutch). Application form and regulations for grants scheme can be downloaded here (also all in Dutch).