Hendrik Casimir Prize 2015 awarded to Stijn Debackere and Eduardo Pavinato Olimpio


Congratulations to Stijn Debackere and Eduardo Pavinato Olimpio with winning the 2015 Hendrik Casimir Prize!

Stijn is a MSc student of the Physics/Cosmology track at Leiden University. He has made a switch from Theory to Cosmology. In the first year of his MSc he has completed more than the nominal 1 year credits, has taken the  long versions of the mandatory courses, and scored above 8.0 on all his courses with several between 9 and 10. Currently, he is working on a project in Cosmology that spans theory, data analysis, and numerical modelling.

Eduardo is a talented student of the Casimir Pre-PhD MSc track at the Bionanoscience department in Delft. He has made a great impression on several supervisors, one of them writes about Eduardo's time in his lab: “Eduardo Olimpio has proven to be a truly outstanding researcher during his stay in my group at the AMOLF institute. It was particularly remarkable how he mananged to master highly complex mathematical problems in a very short time. He not only adapted code to track cells within mini-organs called organoids, but also extended a mathematical model of their movement. Together with his independence, own initiative, and mature discussion, he has been one of the stand-out students of my lab in the past years.” 

On Friday December 4th, Jan van Ruitenbeek, Scientific Director of Casimir, awarded the prize to Eduardo and Stijn.


About the prize
The Casimir Research School yearly awards the Hendrik Casimir Prize to the best MSc students in (Applied) Physics at Leiden and Delft. The prize consists of a certificate and a sum of € 750.- . The prize is based on the revenues from a donation by the late Josina Casimir-Jonker, wife of the famous Hendrik Casimir. The students are nominated by a committee formed by Jos Thijssen (director of Master Education Delft), Martin van Exter (Director of Education Leiden), Hara Papathanassiou (study advisor Leiden) and Christophe Danelon (coordinator of the Casmir pre-PhD Master program in Delft).

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