Hendrik Casimir Prize

The Casimir Research School yearly awards the Hendrik Casimir prize to the best MSc students of the Casimir pre-PhD track. The prize consists of a certificate and a sum of € 750.- .

The prize is based on the revenues from a donation by the late Josina Casimir-Jonker, wife of the famous Hendrik Casimir. The students are nominated by a committee formed by the director of Master Applied Physics Education Program Delft, the Director of the MSc program Physics Leiden, the study advisor Physics program Leiden and the coordinator of the Casmir pre-PhD Master program.

Overview of the Hendrik Casimir Prize winners:

2020: not awarded (switch from 1st year to graduated students) 

2019: Tereza Vakhtel, Álvaro Donís Vela, and Álvaro Gómez Iñesta.

2018: Marta Pita-Vidal, Damian Bouwmeester, and Stefano Polla.

2017: Nashwan Sabti and Nikolas-Olivier Kavadias.

2016: Andrea Peña and Jorrit Hortensius.

2015: Stijn Debackere and Eduardo Pavinato Olimpio.

2014: Anne Meeussen, Jorinde van de Vis, and Sander Konijnenberg.

2013: Katy Wei and Tom van der Reep.

2012: Jelmer Wagenaar and Christopher Watson.

2011: Rianne van den Berg and Evert van Nieuwenburg.

2010: Aafke van den Berg, Nico Verhart, Robert Ietswaart and Tim Baart.


5 October 2023

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