Hot Topics - Hongkun Park (Harvard) - 'Quantum Optoplasmonics and Diamond Based Sensing'





Delft University of Technology


Hot Topics in Quantum Nanoscience

Course Content: Speakers from all over the world will be asked to present pedagogical introductions to their field with an emphasis on basic concepts. Besides such an introductory lecture open for everybody, the participants of this course will have an additional discussion with the speaker discussing a recent paper and the holy grails of the field.

Exemplary topics are topological insulators, mesoscopic quantum gravity, string theory for condensed matter, measurement-based quantum computing, quantum-limited sensors, Majorana Fermions, fast-light with single photons, etc., etc.

Audience: The tutorial, as a one hour lecture, is open to everybody. A second hour will be reserved as a discussion hour for the registered class of PhD students and postdocs with the lecturer.

Preparation: PhD students who have registered for the hot topics course need to prepare for the session by reading the articles mentioned in the below.

Date & Speaker:

Friday 4 April 2014, professor Hongkun Park (Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and Department of Physics, Harvard University)

Topic: "Quantum Optoplasmonics and Diamond Based Sensing"

"Manipulating light-matter interactions at the nanoscale has broad implications for many research areas, ranging from spectroscopy and sensing to communications and quantum information processing. In this presentation, I will discuss our research efforts to develop nanoscale plasmonic and diamond optoelectronic devices that enable engineered light-matter interaction in solid state. I will also describe an unexpected offshoot of this research effort toward developing diamond-based sensors that allow high-fidelity interrogation of electromagnetic environments within a living cell in an organelle-specific fashion."

Host:         Prof. dr. Leo Kouwenhoven

Location:  Delft University of Technology, TNW (building 22), Lorentzweg 1, Delft.

Room:       Room E (F005)

Time:        10:00 - 11:00 hot topics seminar, 11:00 - 12:30 hot topics discussion

Required reading: please read the two articles mentioned in the below.