ICT with Industry 2019



Lorentz Center, Oort building


The main aim of the ICT with Industry  workshop is to increase the collaboration between science and industry. The workshop strives for direct and rapid interaction between ICT researchers and industrial partners. It has the following objectives:

  • To stimulate contact between ICT research and industrial R&D, by identifying and analyzing challenging problems and emerging technologies in multidisciplinary teams.

  • To obtain creative solutions for industrial problems and to find new approaches that could lead to such solutions.

  • To give insight into the wide range of possibilities ICT research offers (primarily to industry, but also to the general public), and thereby enable accelerated innovation.

  • To enrich the PhD students’ and postdocs’ experience in collaborating with industry.

The ICT with Industry workshop brings together scientists, in particular (junior) research staff and PhD students, and professionals from industry and governments. The workshop revolves around a number of case studies, which are subject to an intense week of analyzing, discussing, and modeling solutions. The ICT with Industry is a series of events performed yearly since 2013. For more information please check the Call for Case Studies.



  • KB (Royal Library): (Semi-) Automatic Cataloguing of Textual Cultural Heritage Objects

  • ICTgroup ( Detecting and classifying damage to traffic signs from images

  • FD Mediagroep: Opening the black box of user profiles in content-based recommender systems

  • Persgroep: Urgent, or can it wait? Personalising push for Algemeen Dagblad

  • RTL Nederland: Captioning News Footage 

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