Introducing the new Casimir Coordinator: Jacqueline van Krieken


As of December 1st, Marije Boonstra will be on maternity leave. We are very happy that we found Jacqueline van Krieken available to replace her for the coming months. In the below, Jacqueline briefly introduces herself.

Hi, I’m Jacqueline van Krieken and I will take over Marije Boonstra’s role as coordinator for the Casimir Research school and NanoFront while she is on maternity leave. I have a background in marketing and organization and this is the first time I work in a University environment. Looking forward working here (don't hesitate to drop by at my office in Leiden or Delft), and meeting many of you during the Casimir Spring School that I will organise for you, together with the Casimir PhD Platform (click here for more info on this exciting event)!