Invitation First-year PhD information meeting 2020 QN & QuTech



17:00 hrs




We hope you are doing well, and are in good health. On Thursday Nov 26th at 17:00 the Faculty Graduate school, Casimir Research School, Data stewards and the PhD council will organize a meeting about all practical matters regarding your PhD, and you are cordially invited to attend. It is focused mainly on PhDs who started in 2020, but it is of course also open to more senior PhDs (and especially relevant if you have questions, concerns or other things you want to discuss with any of the organizers).


We will discuss:


  • Who’s who and who does what: University & Faculty Graduate Schools, Casimir Research School, Data stewards and the PhD council.
  • Support systems, e.g. who can you go to when you have issues with your research or your supervisor, when you feel ill or unwell.
  • Procedures, e.g. how to prepare your meetings, where to find the forms, how to fill them in and where to hand them in, how and where to register your courses and learning on-the-job activities and what to do after you’ve finished them.
  • Doctoral Education, e.g. where to find suitable courses, which courses are allowed and which aren’t, how you can/should choose your courses.
  • Data management plan and open science, do’s and don’ts regarding your research data .



At the end of the meeting, we’ll answer your questions. We are especially looking forward to discussing problems you might have due to the Corona measures or other issues that you are facing right now. You are very welcome to attend only the parts of the meeting that you think are relevant. The total meeting is planned to take approximately 45 minutes, after which the floor is open for questions and discussions.


The meeting will be held via Zoom, via the invitation link below:

Meeting ID: 947 8771 7193
Passcode: 523090


We’re looking forward to seeing you on the 26th!


Kind regards,

The organizers