Jelmer Wagenaar wins Casimir PhD-position


Jelmer Wagenaar (Leiden) has won the 2013 Casimir PhD-position. Jelmer obtained his MSc degree in the Physics/Casimir pre-PhD track after writing a research proposal, which was entitled ‘Exploring topological surface states with MRI-AFM.’ Jelmer successfully defended his proposal before the review committee that consisted of Christophe Danelon (chairman), Leo DiCarlo, and Jan Zaanen. The committee awarded Jelmer a fully salaried Casimir PhD-position for four years. Jelmer Wagenaar is very pleased with receiving the Casimir PhD-position. “It is very challenging to write a research proposal. I am happy that I can now start to carry it out myself, under the supervision of prof. Tjerk Oosterkamp.” 

The position awarded was the last of four positions that were funded by the NWO Graduate Program. In the years to come, the Casimir PhD-positions will be funded through the NWO-Gravitation program ‘NanoFront.’ Casimir PhD-positions are awarded to outstanding students of the Casimir Pre-PhD track who come up with research proposals that are well balanced between being feasible and ambitious. The Casimir pre-PhD track, of which Jelmer and the three previous winners Julia Cramer, Tim Baart and Chris Smiet were part of, focuses on educating MSc. students for PhD-positions at the two institutions or elsewhere.
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                                                                           Jelmer Wagenaar