Kavli Colloquium on Tuesday (!) - Kathryn Moler (Stanford University): “Where the electrons flow: currents in quantum materials”



15:00-17:00 hrs


Joost van der Grinten room (Faculty of Industrial Design), TU Delft


Prof. Moler will speak about "Where the electrons flow: currents in quantum materials.
Abstract: Electrons that live in real materials exhibit many exotic phases and states. The theory of these electrons is complicated by the facts that they are quantum-mechanical, they may be strongly correlated, and they move through an environment determined by their material’s composition, structure, and shape. Major international efforts in theory, computation, growth, fabrication, and experimentation seek to predict and control the resulting emergent phenomena.
 Electronic states create magnetic signatures. In my lab, we develop magnetic imaging to observe subtle effects on fundamental mesoscopic length scales and distinguish unanticipated spatial variation from genuinely new functionalities. By detecting current flow on mesoscopic length scales, we can verify the existence of persistent currents in normal metals; see how twin and grain boundaries enhance conductivity and superconductivity; observe edge currents flowing in both topological and trivial insulators; and measure current-phase relations in exotic Josephson junctions.
The event will start at 3 pm with talks by two recent Kavli PIs Simon Gröblacher and Hyun Youk:

15.00 hr
Pre-programme :
Two new Kavli PIs present themselves
Simon Gröblacher:  Quantum optomechanics with photonic and phononic crystals
Hyun Youk: From small to large: Building multicellular life
15.45 hr
16.00 hr
Kavli colloquium by Kathryn Moler: “Where the electrons flow: currents in quantum materials"
17.15 hr
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