Kavli SciComm: Learning is Personal



19:00-21:30 hrs




Please note that this course is open for graduate students, postdocs, faculty, and staff affiliated with the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience (QN, QuTech and BN at TU Delft). 

Do you want to improve your teaching? Are you interested in creating meaningful and memorable interactions centered on science? Then this workshop is for you!

Creating meaningful and memorable interactions centered on science depends on acknowledging the personal experiences, perspectives, interests, and values of both scientists and audiences.

You will leave this workshop equipped with a combination of concepts, tactics, and tools to help make sure you're in sync with your audience when engaging through your science.

You can register through this website.

This course is part of the SciComm Essentials from the Kavli Foundation. The program was created to ensure more opportunities for professional skills development in communications and public engagement with science, as well as opportunities to connect with others working on and studying engaging the public in science.