Kavli SciComm: Media Interviews



19:00-21:00 hrs




Please note that this course is open for graduate students, postdocs, faculty, and staff affiliated with the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft (QN, QuTech and BN at TU Delft).

This two-part workshop will focus on helping you understand, negotiate, and prepare for roles as media sources by exploring expectations and norms in journalism, learning how to maintain a conversational presence under the pressure of an interview, and strengthening relevant conversational skills. Session 1 will feature Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Ed Yong and Maddie Sofia, former host of NPR’s podcast Short Wave. Session 2 will feature Maddie Sofia and Julia Furlan, professor at The New School and podcast host at NPR and Vox.

Part one (June 7th) is on Media Interviews: Preparation. Learn how to understand, negotiate, and prepare to be a source for the media. You will leave this workshop with prepared talking points, personal identifier language, and a system for tracking requests, relationships, and media clips.

Part two (June 14th) is on Media Interviews: Performance. Participate in interactive exercises to strengthen conversational skills and learning to maintain a personable, conversational presence under the pressure of an interview. You will leave this workshop with a walk-through and checklist for how to set yourself up to record good quality sound for a podcast or radio interview in addition to practice riffing, reacting, pivoting, redirecting, and recovering. 

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This course is part of the SciComm Essentials from the Kavli Foundation. The program was created to ensure more opportunities for professional skills development in communications and public engagement with science, as well as opportunities to connect with others working on and studying engaging the public in science.