Les Houches "Frontiers of Condensed Matter" 6 - 15 September



International Doctoral Training Session

This Les Houches international doctoral training session aims at offering Master and Ph.D students a training programme in the area of Condensed Matter Physics. It is organized jointly by the Ecole Doctorale de Physique de Grenoble (France), the Casimir Research School Delft-Leiden (Netherlands), the Ecole Doctorale de Physique et d'Astrophysique (PHAST), Lyon (France) and the Arnold Sommerfeld Center for theoretical physics, Munich (Germany).

The session will consist of six courses on the following topics :

1. Quantum information processing with superconducting circuits, L. Di Carlo (Delft)
2. Quantum optics with solid-state artificial atoms, J.M.Gérard (Grenoble)
3. Mesoscopic transport and superconductivity, T.M.Klapwijk (Delft), J.Meyer (Grenoble)
4. Dissipation and decoherence, G. Schön (Karlsruhe)
5. Coulomb blockade and Kondo effect in quantum dots, J.Von Delft (Munich)
6. Trends in condensed matter, various speakers

The duration of each course is 4.5 hours, except for courses 3 and 6, the duration of which is 9 hours. Courses 1 and 5 will be complemented by more specialized research seminars; course 6 is a series of seminars on timely topics.

During the session, there will plenty of time for informal discussions between participants and lecturers. A poster session will be organized including a short oral presentation at the beginning of the session enabling the participants to present their research interests to each other.

The session can host 70 participants, (limited by the size of the lecture hall), and is intended for experimentalists and theoreticians.

Confirmed Seminar Speakers*

A.Benoit (Grenoble) - Low temperatures for astrophysics instrumentation
P.Holdsworth (Lyon) - The surprising story of the Coulomb gas physics of spin ice
M.H.Julien (Grenoble) - Introduction to electronic liquid crystal phases in correlated systems
D.E.Khmelnitskii (Cambridge) - Title to be announced F.Marquardt (Erlangen)- Trends in nanomechanics
A.Mermet (Lyon) - Acoustic vibrations at the nanometer scale : from nanoparticles to glasses
W.Wernsdorfer (Grenoble) - Single molecule magnets
M.Wimmer (Leiden) - Majorana fermions in topological superconductors *This list will be regularly updated


To apply, fill out the application form and send it to Sandrine Ferrari, Ecole Doctorale de Physique de Grenoble, together with a cv, a motivation letter, and a recommandation letter from your supervisor.

Deadline : June 1st, 2011

Acceptance will be notified by e-mail by the end of June


Sandrine Ferrari, Ecole Doctorale de Physique de Grenoble,


C.Dujardin (Lyon), F.Hekking (Grenoble), F.Hippert (Grenoble), T.M Klapwijk (Delft), J. Von Delft (Munich)

Les Houches

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