Lunch symposium: career dialogue for postdoc/PI's in Delft



12.00-14.00 hrs


Kronigzaal, TU Delft, TNW, Lorentzweg 1, Delft


After a successful edition in Leiden, we will organise a similar meeting in Delft.
As a postdoc, demonstrating full commitment to your research project while keeping an eye on your next career step in- or outside academia can be experienced as quite a challenge. How can you reach your full potential and get the most out of your postdoc period? How can you prepare for the next step when your fixed-term contract ends? It is important that postdocs are encouraged to actively think about their position and role and the direction they are heading to. Their PI’s can play a positive role in this process, but sometimes remain uninvolved.

During the meeting about 10 postdocs and 10 supervisors meet to discuss these questions. You can download the program in the below (see also the attached file with discussion topics). The goals of the 'postdocs-supervisors in dialogue' meeting are:

  • To increase awareness among supervisors and postdocs on the necessity of personal and career development to deliver excellent research
  • To call postdocs into action, to take charge of their own career
  • To encourage supervisors to actively support their employees in career development and in future career decisions
  • To stimulate supervisors, early career researchers and research institutes to jointly take actions to improve personal, professional and career development
  • To create a basis to improve local postdoc policy

The 2-hour format during lunch time is carefully chosen to keep the interference with your work to a minimum. We are curious to hear your thoughts on what can be improved. Please join us at this discussion; we would greatly appreciate your presence and contribution.

Please register for this session (so that we can arrange lunch for you) by filling in the form in the below.