Master your Physics conference





The Master Your Physics 2021, is an online conference by master's students for master's students! 

During the conference we will discuss a wide variety of topics in physics through a wide variety of setups. There will be talks from top-class speakers across institutions from all over the world. We will have discussion sessions on hot topics in physics as well as on social topics. Furthermore, local PhD students will present some of their research, so that master's students can get acquainted with life as a PhD already at an early stage in their careers. The conference will take place from June 14-18 2021.


The conference is open for all master students in physics from Dutch universities. Among the confirmed speakers are many great names in theoretical physics such as Leonard Susskind (Stanford University), Carlo Rovelli (CPT, Marseille), David Tong (DAMTP, Cambridge) and Jan Zaanen (Leiden University).


Also, Robbert Dijkgraaf (IAS Princeton) will present a colloquium on ’The Future of Fundamental Physics’


An overview, timetable and contribution list can be found on the Indico page,