New member of the Casimir PhD Platform: Robbie Elbertse


Delft PhD student Robbie Elbertse joined the Casimir PhD Platform as representative of the Quantum Nanoscience department. Robbie started his PhD project in the group of Sander Otte in February 2018. With Robbie joining the PhD Platform, we say goodbye to Marios Kounalakis. The Casimir Board would like to thank Marios for the time and effort he has put in co-organising the Casimir Spring School and other Casimir activities! 

About the PhD Platform

The six Casimir PhD Platform members meet about four times per year with the Casimir scientific director and coordinator to discuss the Casimir Courses and to plan activities for their fellow PhD students and postdocs, like the Casimir Spring School. Do you have ideas that the PhD Platform can bring up to improve our research school, or do you have questions about Casimir? Nicole, Gesa, Kirsten, Guoji, Koen and Robbie are happy to help you out. Click here for their contact information.