BN Poster session



17:00 hrs


BN kitchen + A1.100


Please join us on Wednesday 28th of March at the BN kitchen + A1.100 from 17:00 as we will turn this into the site of the first 'BN poster session'

The idea is to create an informal setting in which we bring together members of 'geographically distantly located groups' (read: "I've never seen this person, because his/her office is at some other corner of the building")


We'll be doing some science: 

No PowerPoint presentations, elevator pitches or anything extremely well-prepared: just posters!

Please come and present anything from your breakthrough, positive, negative or non-results and engage in a conversation.


We have a total of 30 spots for posters

Aim is to get at least 1 from every group

PhDs, postdocs (or even PIs) are welcome to present! 

Those that all ready have a poster used for a conference can obviously re-use it. For others, this can serve as a good first practice in making and presenting posters!


We'll (hopefully) have some fun:

More relaxed than a usual conference, since beer and pizza will be provided. 

So please also let us know if you are coming but are not presenting. 


"Sounds fun! how do I sign up?" (or any other question)